Ever Active. Ever Green.


An active lifestyle leads to a healthy lifestyle. We always encourage our residents to get outside and enjoy our beautiful landscaping. There are beautiful flowers blooming all summer long, and we are surrounded by a variety of blooming trees. You will find that we have very active residents that love to get together and enjoy activities that keep everyone young and energetic. 

July 4th

We love to celebrate our holidays with the residents. July 4th is one of our favorite holidays, and we like to celebrate by having a huge BBQ for the entire complex and family members. We don't stop there, though! We put on our very own fireworks show for the residents every year. If you are ever in the area on July 4th, stop by and check out the festivities we have going on.


Christmas truly is one of our favorite times of the year. We really go all out for everyone to have a special Christmas with friends and family. We put up thousands of lights, and every employee, resident, and the children in their families in attendance get Christmas presents at the Christmas party. Each building has their own special party when Santa comes to visit the kids and the residents. 


We always decorate for Halloween. Every year we have hundreds of kids and families show up to get candy from our residents. Most of the residents enjoy participating in this, and they will dress the part as well.

Fall Fest

Is fall the coolest time of the year? We think so! Thats why we celebrate with a fall festival. We do all kinds of activities at the festival. From bobbing for apples and pie-in-the face to a good ole fashion dunking booth, we know how to have fun and the residents love to dance at this one! Come dance with us, y'all!