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Senior Living 101

When searching for an assisted living facility or personal care home for your aging loved one, there are some important things to make sure you look for. Here at Stonehenge Senior Living, we've been a personal care home for more than 30 years. Here's our TOP 10 tips for choosing the right facility for your loved ones:

  1. What services are included for the price? Do different levels of care change the cost? Is laundry done daily or weekly? What about incontinence care? What if their condition declines and they require additional services? All of these details can increase the cost of care. We offer all-inclusive pricing!

  2. Is medication management included in the price? In many cases, seniors need help remembering when to take their medicine. Choosing a facility that includes this service helps ensure your loved one receives the correct medication on time every day and stays safe.

  3. Are there activities available for varying levels of ability? Check to see that activities are being offered and not just scheduled. Stop by the facility without an appointment to see if they are engaging the residents with activities and check their social media pages for current photos and posts about resident activities. Click here to see our residents' smiling faces!

  4. Watch the caregivers. Are they smiling as they interact with the residents? Do they look happy? If a caregiver doesn't smile or doesn't look happy during your tour of the facility, chances are they won't smile or seem happy with your loved one.

  5. Does the facility have security? Do they offer personal panic buttons for their residents or do they use wall alarms? Wearable panic buttons are proven to be safer and more reliable, especially with falls. For more information on panic buttons click here.

  6. Does the staff member conducting the tour interact with the residents? Do they call them by name, initiate conversation, or merely keep their interactions superficial? Even the office staff should get to know the residents at their facility.

  7. Ask the local community about the facility. People are usually eager to share their experiences, good or bad! Always check reviews!

  8. Does the facility offer different types of rooms for different abilities? Residents who are more independent might appreciate an upstairs room with more space, whereas seniors who use ambulatory aids such as canes and walkers will require main level rooms.

  9. Does the facility allow married couples to room together? Are larger rooms offered or do you have to rent two rooms side by side?

  10. Are visitors allowed to drop in unannounced or do they need to make an appointment? Transparency is crucial when it comes to ensuring quality care of your loved one, so visitors should always be allowed to drop in during visiting hours!

Choosing a new home for your loved one can be stressful, emotional, and confusing! By being prepared to ask the important questions, you can rest easy knowing you have selected the best assisted living facility or personal care home for your special senior!

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